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Are you wondering how to choose new garage doors and openers? The answers below will help

Trust us for broken spring repair

Do you know how long your garage door springs will last? Over time, most common torsion springs have an expected life of about 10,000 cycles. If you think your door might be having problems, scroll down to our FAQ page for answers to many common garage door questions.

How do you keep your home safe for the holidays?

If you are taking a vacation this holiday season, the skilled technicians from garage door Fruit Cove suggest that you unplug your opener control to keep your home safe. It is also advisable that you use a fortified lock installed on the wall console.

How do you keep the metal tracks properly maintained?

Metal tracks are crucial in operating your garage doors smoothly. Make sure that it is kept clean and properly lubricated all the time. Also, you must subject the tracks to regular inspection to be sure that they are aligned. If not, simple adjustments can be done.

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