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The most useful tips about garage doors, new electric openers, accessories and garage door parts

Learn to avoid accidents

Accidents happen when people meddle with garage door repairs without having knowledge, ignore sensor problems, and forget to replace garage door springs on time. So, it's time to do exactly the opposite and avoid standing under the door and don't let children play with the clicker.

Replace weather seals regularly

Garage door weather seals have a special meaning since they ensure good insulation. Since they're placed all around the door, they'll eventually wear or their adhesives dry out, and must be replaced. Our professionals suggest replacing the bottom seal often since it's in the most vulnerable area.

Do not take your garage door system for granted

You should not take your door system for granted. You should always use caution when working near the unit or on the unit. You should make  sure that everyone in your home understands that this part of your home is not a toy and should be handled with care always.

How to stay safe with extension springs

If your garage door uses extension springs, chances are you're going to have a pair or two attached to the sides of the door. When they're loaded (when the door is down), there is a lot of energy stored in them and if they are accidentally slid off their hooks and brackets, they could fly off and cause serious injuries to people or a lot of damage to property. Replace older springs with newer ones that have a safety cable running through them.

Proper lubrication

A can of WD-40 applied to door hinges and to lubricate numerous of other items in your home will usually work just fine. However, the rollers, latches, and tracks of your garage door need a heavier and longer-lasting lubricant especially designed for your door to keep it in the best operating condition. When your door isn't working correctly, give us a call. We have the right tools, parts, and lubricants to keep your garage door working in peak condition for many years to come.

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