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Garage Door Repair Services
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Garage door repair services are meant to take care of anything that is wrong with your system and its many parts like the springs, pulleys, cables, brackets, the opener and more. It's a big system, so you might not notice the minor issues. However, even a minor issue can be a serious one. For example, misaligned sensors might not sound like a big deal, but it is. If the sensors aren't working, the door won't reverse if something gets in the way. And in case it is your car, it can be pretty bad. Read on and learn about other common repair services we are often called to perform.

Door adjustment

Garage Door Repair Services in FloridaThe door should be balanced or it won't close and open evenly and properly. Eventually it might get jammed and the reverse system won't work properly. Since the door is balanced by the overhead door springs, their tension must be adjusted.

This is how you can test the door's balance. Disconnect the door and open it mid-way. Let it go and check whether it stands still or slowly moves upwards or downwards. These things are natural and indicate that the door is balanced. If it slams down or goes up, the springs must be adjusted. Let us help you with this project.

Track replacement

There are three types of tracks. There are horizontal tracks which are installed across the ceiling, vertical tracks installed at the door jambs, and curved tracks which connect the other two. Vertical tracks suffer most damage because they're often hit by cars. Bent track repair is possible only when the dents are not deep. Severely damaged tracks are replaced. The new tracks must be of the same size and properly aligned so that the door won't bind.

Opener troubleshooting

If the door moves downward and then stops and comes back up, it's often a problem attributed to the opener reverse mechanism. Still the problem must be checked so that the right opener part will be fixed. Odd noises, failure of the door to close well or to open all the way are also usual signs of opener issues. Troubleshooting the opener involves checking its parts in order to figure out where the problem originated from.

A door not opening fully, for example, might be caused by the travel limit settings. These adjustments are done at the opener unit where there are two switches, which indicate the up and down travel movement of the door. When the up switch is turned clockwise, the door opens completely.

Fast door repair and adjustment in Fruit Cove

Cables, tracks, rollers, sensors, springs, hinges and all parts of the door might be free of rust and dents and fully functional. If they're not, the door will not move right. You can count on Garage Door Repair Fruit Cove for services. By adjusting the springs, aligning the tracks, fixing opener parts and replacing broken components, we make sure your door is in top shape.

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